Linux Mint 12 Lisa - Linux for beginners

Linux Mint 12 Lisa

Linux Mint, probably one of the most friendly distributions of Linux, has released 12 “Lisa” open source operating system. New version of Mint comes with a number of significant improvements since the previous version, especially on the graphics.

Linux Mint 12 Lisa comes with one of the most advanced graphical interfaces Linux – Gnome 3.0.

Linux Mint 12 Lisa also comes with MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions), a desktop layer that allows disabling or enabling the 3 variants of graphical user interface that is available to users, and customize Gnome by adding individual graphics.

The operating system offers two new graphic themes – Mint-Z and-Z-Dark Mint and a variety of backgrounds HD. Interestingly, Duck Duck Go search engine that provides search results fumctie of history on a user profile.