Luxury and Mango OS on LG E906 a Windows Phone branded model Jil Sander

LG E906 Jil Sander

For those who are not aware of the trends in fashion, Jil Sander name does not say much. Well, know that this is a fashion house with a tradition of over 30 years and based on minimalist design. Branded fashion house just a new model LG Windows Phone Mango on board namely E906.

The terminal is very much like LG Optimus 7 and there are rumors that in fact this would be a little Optimus 7 rebranded and changes. It seems that LG has not only worked with Prada to personalize their phones, but with Jil Sander, that while rival Samsung Armani launched models.

We have enough reasons to believe that this is completely new and not a smartphone LG Optimus 7. First the back of the room and especially nothing like that of the last one year. In addition, WP7 buttons have changed, as shown in pictures. It seems that running terminal Mango 7706 version, a release which does not know too much.