McAfee launches WaveSecure for iPhone

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee WaveSecure application of already existing platforms and Android OS BlackBerry was launched and IOS.

The application allows you to save relevant data from your iPhone and restore McAfee servers in case of need (theft, accidental deletion, loss, migration to another platform / device). After purchasing and downloading the registration application allows data stored by a web interface on a computer or directly on a mobile device. Unlike similar solutions offered by Apple or other developers, allows WaveSecure restore a device running an operating system other than that the backup was performed. You can save contacts on the iPhone then you can restore WaveSecure a Blackberry or a device that runs Android, according to the ease of migration than on a mobile platform to another.

WaveSecure allows the geographic location of the device, delete information from it (wipe) and blocking (in case of theft).