It has eventually arrived – the awesome Motorola ATRIX 4G! We know you’ve been waiting and wondering, and we eventually had splendid period with your gadget, laptop, HD or desktop dock, as well as its accessories for providing a decent take on this exceptional smartphone. Have we said smartphone? Actually it’s not entirely true, since dual-core CPU sports entity actually quadruplet duty like laptop, set-top boxes, computer, and … Well, it seems like a smartphone also.

The hardware of this Motorola ATRIX 4G is known for several factors, at least not like a drawing. The gadget body has been plastic made, yet do not worry too much – it is so firmly established giving it a very expensive appearance. This gadget measures to 2.5 inches in width and 4.63 inches wide and only 0.43 cm thick, that signifies ATRIX is sleek like the iPhone 4. The phone is probably feeble of the strength by its mass, that clocks in a non-flowing 135 grams – it is really good.

Like most phones slate is at the front portion of the unit almost every screen except the buttons Android familiar beneath, and front camera and the ear piece at the top. Along the upper back of this gadget has a power button / sleep, which has been a fingerprint scanner also, as well as 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. On the righter part of the volume rocker on the phone (easily accessible with the thumb during a call, if you have given). On the left you will find the USB ports and HDMI Micro. Enclosure around the back are finely casing has been broken by its 5 megapixels camera having LED flash as well as the speaker at the bottom of phone.As material is so far unique, fingerprint scanner seems quite new – but practice is a bit frustrating. It works as advertised, but that re-finger, if it does not when you try to enter the gadget quickly could look a bit boring.

Certainly, this ATRIX 4G is not really about appearance – it’s a skilled power. Its known that Motorola has not been joking about packing this combined with the blazing 1Gigahertz dual core, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, then 16GB of onboard storage (along with the microSD slot for more 32 GB). With the massive internal power, can boast of a camera 960 x 540 efficient touch screen that Motorola calls its QHD – which is covered along with a Corning Gorilla glass. You will also find the necessary radios in it – WiFi, awesome Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, and certainly mobile number HSPA +, which allows AT & T (somewhat generously) a 4G phone call this the unit. The gadget possess a light with proximity sensor and an accelerometer and a compass.

On the other hand, this Motorola Atrix 4G has an impressive battery 1930mAh, and while Android has been data intensive, providing a greater power storage. You could presumably obtain excess time off the unit if the calls are avoided as well as keep the brightness setting under control, yet everyone have been impressed by the awesome performance of it.