Microsoft has announced that the new Dashboard update for Xbox 360, awaited starting today on Xbox Live, is incompatible with some older models of the console. Once upgraded, they can no longer read the discs with games, which represents a major inconvenience for Microsoft clients.

Fortunately, the company discovered the problem in time and sent emails to all users of Xbox Live that are in this situation, the latter an offer cannot be refused. Specifically, they can get an Xbox 360 console brand new, from the new range of Slim with 250 GB Hard drive, plus a year’s free Xbox Live Gold by simply filling a form and send the old console to a Microsoft repair center.
Xbox 360
The new update adds support for a new format of the disc for Xbox 360, which offers a 1 GB plus space for developers games. This will provide the contacts to include more detailed graphics and content on the discs, while activated a new method to fight piracy. Considering that certain new games for Xbox 360 to be released on two or even three discs, the new disk format could eliminate these situations or could even to reduce the number of disks.