Next Google Nexus 3 will be a Samsung, according to first unofficial informationThe first unofficial information about the next Google phone Nexus 3 held sway as potential manufacturers LG and HTC. Here new information seem to confirm that the Nexus 3 will be a Samsung.

New details specs future smartphone Google Nexus 3 we indicate quite clearly that it will be produced also by Samsung, like previous model Google Nexus. First of all, TT processor OMAP 4460 dual core made by Samsung, HTC and LG working with Qualcomm with NVidia.

Then the screen looks like it will be a “Super AMOLED DISPLAY HD”-wording that we reveal its HD capabilities with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. Also, the terminal name is speculate that 4 g will be Google Nexus or Nexus Prime and the operating system will be Ice Cream Sandwich version 2.4, release date was scheduled towards the end of this year.