At the Conference in Singapore, Nokia has officially launched the maker and model C2-03 DualSIM, lunches with C2 and C2-02-06, unveiled with a little while ago, phones that will be available globally.

Nokia C2-03, appeared on sources with little time ago, was officially launched at Nokia Connect at CommunicAsia. The phone is a touchscreen display and DualSIM keypad with alphanumeric password, coming up with Premiere technology Easy Swap that allows the user to change the SIM card through a slot on the side of the phone without the need of a restart. Phone is able to retain the settings of the five SIM cards. In addition, Nokia C2-03 has a 2MP camera, 10 MB of memory, which can be extended with pan to 32 GB microSD card.

Nokia C2-03 runs Symbian S40 with Nokia Maps, and the sale price is estimated at about 80 euros. All lunches with C2-03, Nokia has presented and C2-02 model, which, besides the appearance similar to C2-03, does not come for more than Single SIM version, and C2-06 model has the same specifications, but housing will be available to many variations in color.

Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type DualSIM, C2-02 and C2-06 preview