Nokia leaks on the web 4 new smartphones Symbian Belle: Nokia 500, 600, 700, 701After week Nokia N9 was officially introduced in Singapore but also in our country in a special event, this week began with the escape of the model on the web and N5 rumors about a supposed N6 and N7. Well, today rumors continues, this time with the evidence in respect of the 4 new Symbian smartphones: Nokia 500, 600, 700, 701.

The list is Nokia 701, smartphone features a display of 3.5 inch LCD ClearBlack, a Board of 8MP photo camera and 1 GHz processor. this model, also known by the codename Helen is seen as a successor to Nokia C7, and the list of material may continue with Zeta called Nokia 700, running Symbian Belle, NFC supports and uses a 3.2-inch AMOLED display.

The following terminal from the list of information leakage is Nokia 600, also known as Cindy and equipped with NFC, 5MP photo camera and AMOLED display. Nokia 600 comes with YouTube, Shazam and Vlingo preinstalled, is considered a successor to Nokia 7 and intended for young people. Finally, Nokia 500 called Fate will be the cheapest in this series of models with 1 GHz CPU, its main advantages are the price, and 5MP photo camera.

It’s very possible that Nokia N5, escaped on the web yesterday to be actually N500, while the N6 and N7 are actually N600 and N700.