Nokia Lumia 900 is the best selling phone with phone-contract on the Amazon in last 2 days. Nokia Lumia is probably best phone with cheap price, of course with a contract. If you are willing to buy it from Amazon, price for the Lumia 900 is from $50 to $99 with a contract with AT&T, but is you are planing to buy this smartphone without contract price will be about $450. On Amazon Movers and Shakers, Nokia Lumia 900 keeps first two positions. If you really like this phone and want to buy it, we will recommend you to buy it without any contract, because when you buy phone with contract at AT&T you will need to agree with AT&T policy towards updates, this will be the problem because AT&T insists on validating updates, and this will take you money and time. There are a lot of problems with AT&T and Windows Phone 7.5 devices, and you can find a hundreds of complains on several forums over the internet, so take a time, find them, read carefully and after that bring final decision whether to buy phone with contract or without contract. We recommend to you if you have money to buy it for $450 and without contract. After all, Nokia Lumia 900 is good phone, not the best one, but it is certainly the refreshment in the smartphone market and you will not regret if you buy it.