Nokia N5-Gallery and the first rumorsNokia said that in the coming months a dozen phones with Symbian for new generation and I assume that the majority will come with Symbian Anna. Below you see the first images with Nokia N5. Represent there appears to be 3.2 inch diagonal and definitely will have Wi-Fi, 3G, 5 room with led flash, GPS.

Running an updated version of Symbian Anna. Some icons are similar to those on MeeGo OS Harmattan. Sources confirmed the arrival of other terminals rated N namely N6, N7.

It was really interesting if N was reserved for the series with MeeGo OS phones. N9 has sparked a sum of positive reactions and sins that Nokia has chosen this OS. Were on the right track. Symbian is an interesting evolution of Symbian ^ 3 Anna and soon got to see him at work on Nokia 7. Below you have a photo gallery with Nokia N5. Will address at least two color versions: black and white.