Nokia C2-00 Dual Sim previewToday’s a day under the sign of the dual SIM for Nokia, who announced the first shipments of the phone Nokia C2-00 and announced a new model that uses all the two SIM cards: Nokia X 1-01. The phones come with a unique ability to withhold up to 5 different SIM sites and their settings in your phone.

Battery life is impressive on both models, with 43 days standby if x-01 and 19.2 days in the case of C2-00. When it comes time for talk, Nokia X 1-01 that shock offering 13 hours, while C2-00 offers 5.75 hours. These new models are intended for markets in the transition and will come with very affordable prices.

Nokia X 1-01 focuses on musical functions, proven and large speaker that comes with.  Nokia X 1-01 offers 16 GB storage via SD card slot, FM radio, includes an MP3 player and dedicated music keys.

At the top of the phone lies a small flashlight, for those who want to listen to music and make exploration nocturne. This model runs Series 30 as the operating system.

As regards the model Nokia C2-00, it supports Easy Swap function, which allows quick changeover from one SIM to another. Thus, one of the cards will be placed inside the phone, while the second SIM can be accessed through a side slot. OS Series 40 site is in the case of C2-00, which comes with a VGA camera and supports MMS messaging. You can add up to 32 GB of storage space using an SD card.

On certain markets, terminals will arrive with Ovi Lite Tools, and the price of X 1-01 will be 34 euros, while Nokia C2-00 will cost 45 euros, while both models will be available this quarter.

Nokia X 1-01 Dual Sim