Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 releasedOpera has updated the two browsers available for mobile terminals, namely Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, which have reached version 6.1 and 11.1.

One of the most important new features in new browsers you can use the address bar not only for input a URL of the website, but also as a search bar. However, the classic search bar will remain near the address bar, for the traditionalists. The same search mechanism/introduction of URLs will offer and suggestions provided by the Google Search and the user’s browser history.

Suggestions and history pages will appear as soon as you begin to write. In addition, the same innovative bar will analyze your web surfing habits of the user and will add the .com or .net when you type the link URL. In these new versions of Opera, you can make text easier selections, based on the provision of clear boundaries for collections of letters and words and that you can move around on the screen for larger selections and copy/paste. A similar method with it of WP7 and iOS, it seems .

Must we remind you that in spite of the similarity to the interface, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile and have enough differences. The first is created for phones with more modest specifications, and the second is designed for smartphones.