One of the most interesting games for portable equipment, the expected exhibition gamescom in Cologne, Germany is PlayStation Vita.

Two analog sticks offer players a similar experience with the use of controller Dual-Shock, while OLED (organic light emitting diode) touch-sensitive, 5-inch (diagonal), provides a clear picture. The front touch screen and touch pad rear, combined with the technology of moving six-axis allow users to interact directly with games in three dimensions, through the movements of the fingers: “touch, grip, tracking, pushing and pulling”. The two cameras mounted on both the front and back of the console also helps to completed a successful game.

PlayStation Vita at Gamescom
New details about the functions of social connectivity of PlayStation Vita have been revealed. At the time of your access to them by the model 3 g/Wi-Fi access, the user is constantly connected to its current activity in the world of PlayStation, but also to the world of friends and other users. Special applications for social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and Skype have been presented.