Researchers found the most excruciating noise source of human

Friction blades with glass bottles are the most annoying sound source for humans.

The researchers from the University of Newcastle, England found most annoying source of noise to be heard for humans. The sound of the friction between the blade with the glass bottle is the most excruciating to listen to people.

These findings come after researchers looked at the interaction of the brain around 13 volunteers were asked to hear the sounds of 74 different sources. The volunteers were asked to listen to these sounds while his brain scanned using an MRI machine.

From the study it was found, friction blades on glass bottles occupy most annoying sound source to be heard of men. The most annoying sound source number two is scraping the tip of the fork into the glass. While the sound of the most comfortable of the entire sample had heard was the sound of water flow.

Sukhbinder Kumar, author of the study, said he and his partner, Tim Griffiths choose voices that do not have the connections or the bitter experience of unpleasant emotions inside of volunteers.

The scan showed, unpleasant voice not only increases blood flow to a person’s brain auditory cortex, where sounds are processed, but also triggers the amygdala, a primitive area of the brain that processes emotion.

“These findings also explain the link between the auditory cortex and the amygdala. We managed to find out a network in the brain that connects the unpleasant sounds and feelings,” said Griffiths.

The voice that was in 2000-5000 Hertz frequency is the least annoying voice to be heard humans, says Kumar.

The findings are expected to help researchers understand what makes some people more sensitive to certain sounds than others, says Kumar. Hopefully, this can help provide another way to look at the problem misophonia, namely intolerance / sensitivity of excess to the sound, which was elaborated by Kumar.