Samsung ChronoSamsung and U.S. Cellular makes an appeal to history, launching a clamshell phone named Chrono, with endowments base and offered for $ 19.99 in the version pre-pay or free of charge at the signing of a contract.

Samsung Chrono seems a phone released some years ago and not be notable too loud for other models clamshell that invaded the market between 2003-2005. The device comes equipped with a display of 2 inch main QVGA SCREEN with 240 × 320 pixels, a VGA camera, Bluetooth and 512 MB??internal memory.

The phone has an external display of 1.7-inch FLAW DETECTOR, 1 x EVDO REV connectivity, and gray with black casing includes a Li-ion battery to withstand up to 4.5 hours in talk time and up to 300 hours in stand-by.