Samsung Epic 4G Touch is the new wave hitting the market and people have definitely kept their eyes peeled out for this newer version of Galaxy S II. Samsung Epic 4G Touch shares the same bright and colorful screen as was seen in Galaxy S II but a twist to the mix is the size. Epic 4G Touch version has a bigger Super SMOLED Plus panel which is integrated in the 4.52 inches display rather than the 4.3 inches display in the former edition. The color saturation and the contrast of display as rich as the previous version and even more vivid with the bigger display. The WVGA 800 x 480 resolutions does give a little glitch to the whole collection, none the less, the display covers up for that and is great video watching.

The larger screen size makes Samsung Epic 4G Touch slightly larger than Galaxy S II with 12.9 x 69.6 x 9.59 mm dimensions which add up to 129g pocket friendly device. The voice quality, speakerphone performance and earpiece provided by Samsung are commendable, however, since the device does not provide GSM/UMTS, a drawback for travelers can be seen, but its certain that people who have to go abroad for business would find no complains with the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

Although the device works splendid for a 3G coverage and Wi-Fi with battery power that lasts the entire day, Users may have a little problem when the WiMAX is switched on for the 4G feature. The battery rapidly decreases with 4G switched and the data connection may last only for a few hours. Even so, it is a great device for 3G, especially since Samsung Epic 4G Touch provides a bigger display integrated with Super AMOLED Plus, a combination any user would be impressed by.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch retains the commendable 8 megapixel camera as was seen on Galaxy S II and with the popularity the camera has earned as the best smartphone shooters around. It offers bright and clear images with precise colors and brilliant quick lock focus. The camera features also has easy frame and provides smooth video shooting with Full HD 1080p resolution. The LED can be down point, but is still apt for closer shots in dim light. The device also provides a front-facing camera of 2 MP for video calling which also provides accurate color saturation and contrast.

Talking about the hardware of the set, Samsung Epic 4G Touch still has a super slim casing which done away with the physical home keys by providing touch sensitive buttons under the display. These buttons can help user navigate to menu, hone, back and search. There is no shortcut button for camera however while the volume button is present on the left edge with power button on the right.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch has been integrated with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread with 1.2 GHz Dual-core Exynos processor keeping it business with average download speed of 4 Mbpz and average upload speed of 1.8 Mbps. It also provides a Media Hub collaborating its own TV shows, iTunes, reduced waiting time with progressive download and has kept a Social Hub putting Facebook, Twitter, email, text together. Samsung TouchWiz modification has also been provided in addition to Bluetooth 3.0, WiMAX, WiFi, EVDO Rev. A support and connection to HDTV with the MHL HDMI which is supported by the micro USB port.

With the whole compilation, Samsung Epic 4G Touch is definitely a treat and stand par with its contemporaries although a lasting power back-up to support the 4G wireless technology.