Samsung Galaxy S II and beat a record, being already pre-ordered in 3 million copies, promising to exceed the expectations of the South Korean people.

Officially launched in several countries last week, Samsung S Galaxy II broke a new record, no less than three million pre-orders already being made ​​for this model, given that Samsung said it expects to sell around 10 million copies after its release in over 120 countries through 140 telecom operators.

The model shall be announced already a Best Seller, being one of the most successful product launches this year, both in terms of appearance, the phone having a thickness of 8.9 mm, and in chapter facilities, among which we display your Super AMOLED Plus 4.3 inch WVGAprocessor 1.2 GhZ, accelerated graphics with 1 GB RAM Orion, 8 MP photo camera with HD video at 1080p, Flash Player 10.1, new interface UX with hubs Reader, Game, Music and Social app, plus access to new service backup of data and identification from a distance of your phone.