Samsung Nexus S 4G has been an upgraded version of incredible Nexus S, slightly changed for using Sprint’s 4G network to obtain lightning speeds. This is a 4-inches curved, 1 GHz processor, as well as the current volume of Google Android operating system for smartphones.

Which is now available on Sprint for $ 200 having 2 years deal. A similar variant of the incredible Nexus S has been also accessible on T-Mobile atthe similar cost. Nexus 4G can be compared to that of an iPhone. Same model, similar design, etc, that certainly is true of a lot of iPhones nowadays. If duplication is indeed the genuine category of flattery, iPhone has archived a huge amount of flattery.


Is is not possible to detect the 4G Nexus S from this Nexus S, if placed side by side. It is especially good. Same to its predecessor, this incredible Nexus S 4G has been bright and beautiful, with a beautiful 4-inch screen and a slim profile, yet this gadget looks fragile within the hands. It is not new with the Samsung phone – plenty of company phone Galaxy S too felt like that – as well as it is suggested that you take tender care of this phone just in case. It also recognizes the “contour” design which gives the phone a moderate concave design for complementing the curving of the head, but do not think it more than gimmick. The size is 4.88 inches in length, 2.48 inch in width, 0.43 inches thick, weighs 4.55 ounce) have been similar as well as possess the similar buttons, screen touch controls as well as a virtual keyboard. The awesome Nexus S 4G even has the stock Gingerbreads (Android 2.3) that is free of any producer or fur bearer. This remains an Android device for the purists.


4G Nexus S offers the same features as its predecessor. It is respectable, although we still believe this would have featured more goodies from the Nexus. The list contains a NFC chip, 5 megapixels camera, VGA shooter in its front, accessibility to Google apps, powerful Bluetooth 2.1 (having A2DP), internet Wi-Fi – 4g LTE, PC synchronization, GPS, greater USB mass storages, 16GB inbuilt memory, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot. But the negative side, there is no such slot of external
memory or the LED 4G notifications. Sprint gives a bonus Nexus S, with the integration of Google Voice. It permits you to connect the Sprint gadget number with Google Voice through 2 distinct ways, providing Nexus S 4G Diversion and visual voicemail, which can be accessed through this phone or online, with cheap international calls.

The other buttons and controls

Besides the silk buttons selected navigation beneath the touch screen, power button and volume keys required, no physical controls. There has not been any button for camera. is, if you desire using this Nexus S 4G, you know, make a call, you must activate, screen should be unlocked, returning to its home screen, you can access the phone application – 3 or 4 steps for achieving what would otherwise have been a task of a button.