Samsung Wave III - a new model with Bada OS makes appearance codenamed GT-S8600

Samsung Wave III

Samsung is preparing to launch new models with Bada operating system. It is developed in-house by the South Korean, who published in error information on its official site about 3 new Russian models with Bada OS.

The Samsung GT-S5360, GT-S7250D and GT-S8600, the second being discovered some time ago and the Bada SDK 2.0 and is also known as Wave 725. This terminal is supposed that comes with an HVGA display, a first for a model with Bada OS on board. However, the most attractive of these rumors is smatphone S8600, which could be in fact Samsung Wave III.

More details I can learn about these phones at Samsung’s IFA event held next month. We need to be watching Bada phones segment, as experts said that Samsung could sell over 10 million such units by the end of the quarter 2, a very impressive performance and probably near the price affordable.