AT&T, the renowned telecommunication company, offers countless discounts to all its clients, who are associated with various institutions, employers, unions and government agencies. A lot of people are ignorant of the numerous AT&T discount plans that are widely available in the world of cell phones. These discounts are not only applicable on calling services but also for accessories and phones. It’s a common belief that if you want to save money then you must not pay for anything in full. This idea is also applied to the wireless industry.

The discounts offered by AT&T discount plans will certainly differ from one plan to another; however, the majority of these plans offer a flat 15% discount to all the customers. If you take advantage of these plans then you will surely be able to make a saving on your monthly phone bills. These discounts are available both to current and fresh customers. If you are an existing customer and have been unaware of the AT&T discount plans then check out the company website for in depth information.

If you are a union member then you must avail the special AT&T discount plans that are particularly designed for union members. Since AT&T is a wireless company approved by the AFL-CIO, hence the company offers valuable discounts to all the AFL-CIO members as well as to other union members. The standard discount that a union member can enjoy is 10% on their specific calling plan. In addition to this AT&T also offers exciting discounts to the union associates on purchasing of mobile phone accessories and mobile phones.

Moreover, the company also offers special employee discounts, which can be availed by the AT&T employees as well as by the workers of other companies. You have to get in touch with your company management to find out more about the AT&T discount programs for employees.