Even if the idea of Wireless keyboard denote the price of a product, but rather the brand manufacturer together with the functionality, Logitech makes a very good job to argue for special functions through keyboard K750.

Often thought as a keyboard with solar panels which make a very good job when it comes to converting light into electrical energy power, K750 model created for Mac systems, it’s a very different version not the old girl K750. Even so, thinking about Apple keyboard in case you didn’t was personalized with a set of concave keys for greater precision in writing, and with a classic layout of a keyboard for Mac.
Solar Keyboard Logitech K750
Regarding autonomy, very good efficiency of solar cells used should be reflected in a greater autonomy for three months for Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac. In terms of price, if the official figure of $ 59,99 feel like you fit you can watch anytime on other sites to find a lower price.