The Insapark 100w (watt) solar panel offers optimal solar performance at a low cost. There is a maximum power voltage of 17.5V and an open circuit voltage of 22V. This solar panel is perfect for your home, boat, cabin, RV or even as a replacement to a generator at home. This is a mono-crystalline solar charging kit which can provide clean, renewable energy for your electricity usage. Solar panels are a carbon-free alternative to gas powered generators and they provide significant energy savings. Mono-crystalline panels can retain their efficiency up to 80% even after many years of use. This is very different from amorphous solar panels which have a lifetime of just 5-7 years when used daily. Mono-crystalline allows you to generate higher wattage in a smaller sized solar cell. The mono-crystalline solar cells are placed into a transparent vinyl acetate which is place behind glass with a back sheet protecting it. This insurance little maintenance for your solar panels and a risk free opportunity to invest in solar energy.


  • Mono-crystalline solar cells (better than amorphous)
  • Long-term durability
  • 100w (watts) of electricity