Sony Ericsson presents two new smartphone models: Txt Pro and Mix WalkmanThe series apparently endless allow Sony Ericsson has repercussions and the announcement of products, now that it has reached on the web in the form of images. Sony Ericsson has just confirmed the existence of two new terminals namely Txt Pro and Mix Walkman.

The one with the keyboard slider was known under the code name CK15i at the time that arrived on the web too early. The image was posted by Sony Ericsson on Facebook during a contest for fans of the brand, which can become the first in the world who can do the review of these two new mobile phones.

Winners will receive 10 smartphones for family and friends, and the first task for entry in the contest is ghicirea names of the two terminals, with the following Sony Ericsson txt pro and Sony Ericsson Walkman mini Mix, Text messenger and Mixing Mini and finally the Messaging Pro and Mini Walkman.