Back when I was younger I had a pretty fantastic book on learning to be a spy, sadly though, I lost it. Back then the best a kid spy could do was make a hat and hide in a corner, nowadays though, there are so many gadgets available to children it is unreal. Parents should be very worried! This is my highlight of some of the best spy gadgets for children on the market right now.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360

This is a remote controlled vehicle with an inbuilt camera and microphone. Perfect for any discerning spy! It spins 360 degrees and sends a wireless signal back to the child’s headset. It is also incredibly well built, which means it is going to stand up to hours upon hours of tough play.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Action Briefcase

This briefcase is packed to the brim with everything a child needs to jump right into spying action. This includes a removable scope, a flash light, motion sensor and a dart launcher to defend themselves if they get captured by some sort of evil scientist.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

How cool is it to be able to see in the dark? You can with this set of night vision goggles. They work just like a standard set of binoculars, but they have a special beam which enables you to see 25 feet ahead of you in the dark. Ideal for night surveillance.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

This is the perfect for watch for any serious kid spy. It has 8 different features, all of which your child will love. This includes a built in motion alarm, a decoder screen to read encrypted message, include spy paper and a night vision light. Also includes the time! This is fantastic, and the ideal starter for any spy!

Spy Gear Lie Detector Kit

A good spy needs to be able to weasel the truth out of people, and what better way to do this than with a lie detector it? A child can use this on their adversaries to help determine whether they are telling the truth or not, if your child wants to be a spy, add this to their arsenal.

Wild Planet Digital Spy Camera

This pair of glasses has a camera attached, perfect for children that want to take pictures on the go. It comes with an remote control which can take photos with one click. Download any pictures you take to your computer, that way you can see where your spying adventures took you that day. Of course, they also look incredibly cool.

Spy Gear Alarm Kit

Any child needs to know if somebody is trying to steal their greatest spying secrets, and this is one of the best ways to do it. Anybody touches your stuff, or even ventures into a room, this alarm will let out an audible sound.