Motion Tracking docking station for your iPad or any Apple mobile device is the perfect way to capture and record you in action. This accessory comes with 2 parts, one is rotating dock station and one is marker. Rotating dock station follows marker and capture all action where marker is positioned. Now you can record yourself while driving bike or running or moving from one point to the other one with this amazing rotating dock that will track you. Dock can follow moving objects in both vertical and horizontal view with perfect Multi-Axis Motion Tracking technology. Swivl follows marker, and if you wont to record yourself you will need to take marker with you – you can put it into your pants or jacket or anywhere on your body or moving object you want to record. At this time, Swivl supports only devices that are running on iOS operating system, but in the future it will be available for all phones and digital cameras. Price of Swivl Tracking Dock Station is $159, but it is still not available at the market. You can reserve it and pay for it and you will get your Swivl at the January 2012. You can find more details and informations on the official Swivl site at At the video below you can view Swivl in action.