The Open Source Nature of the Android Operating System means that there are some pretty nasty things out there which could affect your smartphone or your tablet computer. Thankfully though, it isn’t as difficult to protect yourself as you may think. In this article we are going to take a little look at some of the best applications that you can download, many of them free, to help protect your device from all of the hidden dangers out there.

Lookout Mobile Security

This is a free application which has a plethora of different features at its disposal. It scans every single app you download for viruses, spyware and malware and blocks it if the download contains anything unsavoury. In addition to this it has a pretty handy backup function, and finally a ‘find my phone’ option should your phone become lost or stolen, including the ability to wipe the data clean. This in my opinion is a must download.

Anti-Virus Free

This does the same as Lookout Mobile Security but it offers ‘real time’ protection. It also slightly less bulky so it is much less demanding on older smartphones and tablet computers out there which don’t really have a lot of processing power behind them.

Seal App Locker

There are probably many applications on your phone or tablet computer which you want to keep prying eyes away from, for example, wouldn’t it be sucky if someone opened up your bank account on your phone and withdrew money? Well, you can combat that to some extend with this piece of software. Seal App Locker puts a password on different applications. This stops unsavory characters from accessing them and thus using them. This is a must-have application, even if you have children that borrow your phone from time to time and you want them to stop doing stuff that isn’t good for them!

Webroot Mobile Security

This is an online security application for your Android Tablet Computer or Smartphone. It offers real time protection for you. This includes stopping the download of malicious applications, it can even block harmful websites that you stumble across from time to time. Of course, this application also includes the obligatory ‘find my device’ if it gets lost or stolen. This, at the time of writing, was still in Beta mode, however it does appear to be pretty stable and is certainly worth a download at the ripe old cost of ‘free’

Norton Mobile Security

Again, this is another piece of software that is in beta, although it is acting pretty stable so I have no real qualms about mentioning it here. Of course, it is free to download. This includes the famed Norton protection from all of that malware out there, and unlike the computer version it isn’t actually ‘bloated’ at all, and works fine! One of the best things however is to call and SMS screen so you can block people who you don’t want to get in touch with you. That means you can eliminate cold callers and the like. I really do like this feature!