We are nearing the end of 2012 and have a plethora of brand new gadgets heading our way. However, there were a number of gadgets in 2011, and you may have missed a few of them. That is exactly what this article is about. It is introducing you to some of the best gadgets of last year, eight of them in fact.

Nintendo 3DS

This gadget may have been top of the list for a few people, however, many dismissed it as just another incarnation of the DS game console. However, Nintendo went all out with this particular model. It is the first ‘3D’ console in the world which doesn’t require glasses. This means you can enjoy the sexy princess Zelda in 3D (when she was older in Ocarina of time of course) and play a plethora of other games. Gaming really has never been so fun.

Sony Handycam HDR-TD10

The Sony Handycam is without a doubt one of the most powerful ‘home’ video cameras for recording in 3D. I still haven’t seen a device this year being launched that matches the quality of video than the Handycam is able to pump out. A definite must buy for those that record a lot of home videos.

Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF101

I was going to include the iPad in this list, however that is hardly an item you would have missed. Instead I have opted for the Asus tablet. This unique tablet computer has the ability to convert to a laptop-style device when you connect the optional keyboard and trackpad. It has been superseded by other models now, but it is still a solid performer and worth a look.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2

Yes, Eye-Fi have been around for a number of years now. However, this was the first in their range of SD card which enabled direct access to your mobile devices. Perfect when you have too many photos on your phone whilst on the go and need to offload a couple to storage devices.

iPhone 4S

This is a device you most likely would not have missed, however, it is certainly worth mentioning here. Sure, the iPhone 5 has just been launched, but the older version of the device is still a solid performer. As many people upgrade their iPhone as soon as the new one is launched, you can probably pick this up for a pretty decent price second-hand.

Lightscribe Echo Smartpen (2GB)

Lightscribe pens have been used by writers for a while now. They enable you to record handwriting digitally, whilst at the same time recording audio. This cheaper version of the device boasts all of the features of the old ones, just without the hefty price tag attached. The Lightscribe Echo Smartpen is perfect for a businessman or a college student.

ThinkGeek iCade

This is without a doubt one of my most favourite gadget from 2011. It allows you to convert your iPad into a fully working arcade unit. There are plenty of games on the app store that make use of this, including the Atari greatest hits series.

Amazon Kindle with Special Offers

This is exactly the same as the Kindle, however, it uses advertising to help subsidize the cost. This means you can have an e-reader for a considerable discount. Of course, this is perfect for people that love reading!