Printing corrugated box is an important process for a long time after treatment, a cardboard is widely used as the main form of transport, which will remain in the printing process is a simple line of text that appear on the scene had not developed rapidly.

However, the development of the packaging market as a single carton sales, the operation of the transfer function, a gradual change in consumer psychology and aesthetic values have to buy the ever-changing, exports will increase also forced domestic production of International box integration between the end of the increasingly demanding more of the other product environmental performance requirements is also provided. Tile edge of the box bears the burden, commodity exposure and promotion of two functions. Impressive colors more vivid, more and more fine print of the pattern, but rather how to attract customers interested in shopping desires.

This requires the strength of corrugated box to meet the surface at the same time, excellent print quality, color printing color printing has gradually become the future direction of development of the box. Carton printing process to show, flexible printing corrugated in China, mainly to offset the direct print flexo, gravure and flexo pre-print, screen, and an increase in recent years a series of just printing. One of the corrugated flexo ink for this version of the material, the ink, printing, pressing, printing and advantages of the effectiveness of major folding carton market account. Each approach has pros and cons of printability and print range, based on the actual situation and characteristics of the product boxes to choose the right printing process. Offset printing box offset technology, a simple, inexpensive and quick gains, is currently the most widely used indirect printing technique, printing books and magazines, wrapping paper and printing is paramount.  printed on a blank part of the graphic part and almost the same level as the first printing plate of water, wetting the coating of ink onto a blank part of the implementation of the principle of oil and water transfer ink on the cover and then transferred to a substrate, performing a printing process.

Offset corrugated cardboard is separated into offset printing and direct printing of two indirect methods. Indirect printing process is the first printing of corrugated box facial tissue, then use it to install a single complex waveform. Shift product line screens up to 200 lines / inch, excellent design, quality and stability, and quality. PS disc version easily, can be coated, polishing and other surface finishing techniques used in current high-end sales of paperboard packaging represented an important part of the printing of money. Shifting technology, a more mature, print speed, but so is suitable for cardboard production line connecting  ultimately lower productivity, complexity of procedure, a long time. Since the offset printing process used in the fountain solution, increases the moisture content of the paper, the test is also easy to produce inconsistent coating may fail. Now the pressure offset printing large format and small inputs can not meet the high volume of the box. The processing technology, the Board considers that the balance remaining after the process is installed, because too much pressure and colloid in water, so the sauce flat crush resistance, adhesion may not be packed to the requirements of technical specifications.

In addition to offsetting the environmental impact of ink used by another obstacle to the promotion of its use. The product development of micro-organisms through the corrugated cardboard industry, future development trends of the offset printing process is the best way. Corrugated FDI  offset printing technology is relatively mature now, can direct the production of corrugated board of different offset. The process can not guarantee the form of boxes, and full of fine print tissue paper, and printing more and the price is expensive for a long time and does not promote SMEs in the country. Box flexo printing technology uses a flexible technology, flexible photosensitive resin plate, the graphic part of the process, an empty part of the submerged, using a doctor blade, anilox short transfer ink printing ink, printing process machinery advanced species.