Currently, the overall restructuring of the paper, knowing the past is a product of China in the world, and the main use of paper to write, so they think that is why we invented the paper. But surprisingly, not so at the beginning of the invention, but also in other practices.

Recent research on the Chinese experts in printing technology, paper was invented by the old people are just as packaging materials, flammable materials and materials for health and so on. Lin Chuan, and issued a report. It is one of the four inventions and the same position of the printing, the compass and gunpowder. Today, writing papers and inherits an important role in culture, but not in writing, when he came first, but in other traditions. As a matter of a few experts, with their studies at home and abroad.

CAS research organization in the history of science scholar Pang Jixing  component of the old paper analyzed 15 years and ended with “The Chinese know the history of paper” Lin Chuan think it is a good book for researching the history of ancient Chinese paper knowing authority. First of all, says the paper before the Western Han Chai Lun Dynasty as it was before. Specifically, the paper is not written, but only to other practices. American Chinese University of Chicago in the Far East was head librarian doctor Qian Cunxun report, and the idea that the original documents are not writing, but other practices are in it.

According to Mr. Lao Gan, although the paper can be used for writing, it is added to the user. And Dynasty Han, paper materials make simple clothes for the cold. This is the predecessor of the paper and from work. According to Lin Chuan, a new invention, if they want to promote a society, should be available on the feasibility of the technology, but also should be available in  economic feasibility, since the invention of new technology, users will should be able to get benefits when using it.

According to Lin Chuan, the first is, as its packaging. Before the paper, people used furs, clothes, bed sheets wrapped around them and others, it is clear that it is more convenient than paper. So the paper is the demand for them. The second is a combustible material. People are many opportunities to get a fire, flammable materials, and we all have, of course, paper is very good. This will be a lot more work and the ease of human life. Now we are left to use. The third is a material, such as health. Due to the lack of historical data, we can use all elements of the raw materials for the health card. But it is so much more we can benefit. This is a new industry for the modern man.