There are plenty of people out there who have no Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware Software. Speaking to a few of these people, they claim that they don’t need it because they know how to stay safe online. Truth be told though, without software in place, you can never stay totally safe.

You don’t know what dangers are looking around the corner after all! There really is no sense in avoiding this software either, it doesn’t cost you a lot, and everything listed in this article is 100% free. Let’s dive in and take a little look at the best free software out there.

Software Reviews

Avira Free Anti-Virus

There is both a free and a premium version of this software available. In my opinion though, the free version is more than enough to fulfill the needs of almost anybody. The software eliminates malware, root kits, Trojans and viruses on your computer. It also blocks those autodialers which can end up costing you a pretty penny. This is a ‘must buy’ for everybody, and it only takes a couple of clicks to be fully protected. How perfect is that?

AVG Free

For almost every company I have worked for, AVG Free seems to be their standard anti-virus software, either because the company was incredibly ‘cheap’ or they simply realised it is a wonderful piece of software. You can set this up to do almost anything you want, including the scanning of web pages and emails before you open them up. The one problem I have with this is that the software can run a little ‘slowly’ at times, and it can be intrusive. However, if that is what you need to put up with to be given the best software, then so be it.

Avast! Free Anti-Virus

Avast have been making anti-virus computer programs since 1988, so they certainly know what they are doing. Their anti-virus program is unique to others because it has the ability to detect previously unknown virus threats, which means that it provides high levels of protection, even if there are a couple of false warnings from time to time. It is able to scan emails, your computer as well as incoming instant messages. Perhaps a must download for people.

Microsoft Security Essentials

With the number of ‘security holes’ in the Windows Operating System, it is a bit of a wonder as to how Microsoft got this piece of software so right. Perhaps it is because they know exactly what part of their system viruses and malware will be targeting. It offers real time protection and is incredibly simple to use, even for the most novice computer user. Being from one of the largest software companies in the world tops this off!

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Cloud Computing has really taken off recently, particularly with regards to file storage. However, did you know you can use cloud computing to run programs? This means that very little burden is placed on your computer. Let me introduce you to Panda Cloud Antivirus. This free piece of software runs in ‘The Cloud’ which means even the slowest computer in the world is able to benefit from the protection that it offers.

Remember, all it takes is one virus to expose your computer to the world, or even put it out of action for good. So why not take a look at the software above, find which one works best for your needs and install it. Keep it up to date and you will not have to worry about the dangers of the internet any longer.