Electric Cars are becoming increasingly more popular. Whilst they are not up to the levels of sales that manufacturers are going to be hoping for, they certainly are well on their way. A number of electric cars were launched in 2012. These are seven of the best (and my favourites).

Chevrolet Volt

This isn’t strictly an all-electric car, it is a hybrid. However, full marks here go to Chevrolet for being an American car manufacturer who is actually looking to make a difference by introducing ‘plug-in’ vehicles to the mass market. The Volt runs 40 miles from a single charge, and the gas engine feeds power to it after the battery has run dry. It looks incredibly beautiful, and it drives incredibly well. This should be top of the list for anybody that is looking to get into electric vehicles.

Ford Focus EV

This vehicle makes use of a 123-hp electric motor. This is powered by a 23-kwh lithium ion battery which is located under the floor. The range of the vehicle on a single charge is around 100 miles. With a Level 2 240 Volt charger the battery can be charged in 3 hours. However, if you own a 120-volt charger then it will take 20 hours for a full charge. This car certainly shows that strides are being taken in the charging market, but a long way needs to come. Once again, there is a lot of power behind this vehicle, and it doesn’t look half-bad either.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S looks to be a real game-changer in the electric car market. It is able to go a massive 300 miles on a single charge, and hit 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. This makes it one of the performing electric cards on the market nowadays. It is cheap as well, well compared to other electric cars on the market. This is going to be one of the most legendary cars in the electric car industry.

Nissan Leaf

This is the most affordable electric car on the market. It has a 100 mile range on a single charge. However, sadly it isn’t the most visually appealing vehicle out there on the market, and as a result this means that many people have given the vehicle a wide berth. Shame really, they would find a pretty wonderful electric vehicle here.

Mitsubishi I MiEV

Ok, I got to admit, this isn’t the best looking vehicle out there on the market. However, the low price compared to other options (the cheapest right now) makes it a perfectly viable option for anybody looking to purchase an electric vehicle. Downside is that it only has a 62-mile range on full charge. Not going to be ideal for anything more than a quick drive to work.

Ford Transit Connect Electric

This isn’t a car strictly, instead it is an electric van. This vehicle has a range of between 50 miles and 80 miles, which makes it ideal for the local tradesmen. Not sexy, but very practical here!

Mini E

This hasn’t been released yet, but it certainly looks promising, after all, it is one of the most iconic designs of vehicle in the world. It is said to boast up to a 120 mile range, although not many models of these vehicles are going to build. Only 500 in fact, perhaps a way for Mini to test the waters. This is going to be a great vehicle.