Verizon Wireless has announced that Verizon 4G wireless signal is now available on 19 new markets across the US, and 20 markets are expanded. This number one wireless carrier has promised that they will 400 market with 4G signal by the end of this year. On the photo map you can see coverage of Verizon Wireless 4G LTE, and here you can read which markets got 4G LTE, and in which market 4G signal was expanded.

New 4G LTE Markets: Tifton, Georgia; Statesboro, Georgia; Silverdale, Colorado; Richmond, Indiana; Billing and Helena, Montana; Aspen-Snowmass, Colorado; Americus, Georgia; Bremerton, Colorado; American Falls, Idaho; Coffeyvilley, Kansas;  Marion County, Ohio;  Ellijay, Georgia;  Cheyenne, Wyoming;  Merced, California; Emporia, Kansas; Greely Colorado; Lawrence, Kansas; Moultry, Georgia; Pueblo, Colorado.

Expanded 4G LTE Markets: Normal, Illinois; Lincoln, Nebraska; Sterling, Illinois; Asheville, North Carolina; Southern Arizona;  Bloomington, Illinois;  Kansas, City, Missouri;  Dayton, Ohio;  Clinton, Iowa;  Dayton, Ohio;  Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;  Omaha, Nebraska;  Morehead City, North Carolina;  Bemidji, Minnesota;  Mattoon, Illinois;  Lincoln, Nebraska;  Springfield, Ohio;  Rochester, Minnesota;  Peoria, Illinois;  San Diego, California;  Quad Cities, Iowa.

Verizon Wireless brings 4G LTE to new Markets

If your city or area where you live still does not have an 4G LTE on Verizon, you should expect that within few months you will get 4G signal coverage from Verizon wireless LTE. If you live in some of these 19 new markets with 4G LTE, take your 4G phone or any other device that supports LTE and start enjoying fast internet browsing.