Viber, most popular application for making calls and messaging over the internet has got a new update.

For those who do not know, Viber is a free application for making calls and messaging for free, it only uses intrnet/WiFi, and it is available on almost any mobile phone platform and OS.

Now Android users have got update to version 2.2 on Viber app. This update brings 2 major updates, one is group messaging support and second major update is UI enhancements which allows you to add photos to contacts list.

Also, Viber is now localized for French, German, Portuguese,  Spanish, Russian, French and Chinese language support. If you still do not have Viber on your phone or tablet, go and grab it on google play and start chatting and calling your friends for free.

If you are existing Viber user, you can update it to the latest version and get some extra features on your Viber app.

Viber Application for Android Updated with User interface and Group messaging