Virus 'Shamoon' Helpless High Damage

Virus “Shamoon”, which attacked the Saudi Arabian oil company, ARAMCO, is perhaps the most damaging attacks faced by the business sector is now, said U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday (10/11).

During his speech in front of business leaders in New York, Panetta describes it as a sophisticated virus and expressed a similar attack a few days later hit a natural gas company of Qatar, RasGas.

“More than 30,000 computers were attacked (in ARAMCO) is made useless and should be replaced,” he said.

He said the virus Shamoon include routine process called “wiper”, a code to operate on their own and fail to change critical system with the image of the U.S. flag being burned. The virus was also written all the real data on the machine in excess of what he calls the garbage data.

“Imagine the impact of such an attack can inflict on your company,” said Panetta, as reported by Reuters – are monitored on Friday night. He called for steps to improve cyber defense in the country.