Children all over the world have just gone back to school. This means that everybody has needed to kit themselves out in new gear which hopefully will help them through the year. In the past this meant new clothes, and perhaps a brand new lunchbox. However, in this increasingly technological world, it has instead meant that children need to be given the latest in mobile technologies.

Many children will be bringing a brand new laptop to school, many of which will be incredibly slim and kitted out with the latest features. You need to remember one thing though, it is only going to help you out in school if it is charged. Most schools do not have ready access to an outlet, so instead of running around trying to find somewhere to give you a little juice, why not stick a mobile power plant on your back?

Voltaic Systems have a number of solar panel-equipped gear in their range. You have probably seen them advertised in a number of places. This includes solar-powered backpacks, messenger bags and iPad Cases. However, this involves investing in a completely new bit of gear, and you may have a bit of history with your backpack! This is where the Voltaic Fuse is able to help you out. This is a 10W Solar Panel which is designed to fit onto backpacks, or almost anything using its flexible buckle attachment system.

The company have said that one hour in the sun will this device will be able to power your laptop for 30 minutes. If there is no sun available, then you will be able to charge it using an AC Adaptor. It isn’t just limited to laptops however, it will give a boost of power to almost anything, including your phone, digital camera and tablet computer. It may be a bit much for smaller children, it adds 3.6 pounds of weight to the backpack, it also comes with a $339 price tag attached to it as well. However, I am sure many older students will go crazy over this.