often heard veterans say professional printing, which has been prepared for the press “not live” and the lack of highly efficient medium-sized machine, so I had to spend twice the price when buying a big expensive, Heidelberg, MAN Roland .. . … To improve the technical quality of printing is related to long-term prospects for growth in the printing industry, printing, and now China is weak technological base, Chinese companies face in general is an important issue. How can we change this state of the printing industry? In this context, China Printing Equipment Industries Association Vice President Wang Demao accepted an interview with the author. Wang Demao talking about the problem and to reflect on the industry.

local businesses to develop technologies for deep level posted />

“to improve the technological level of enterprises Print China, an important question is how to introduce a deeper level, not only  introduction of machinery, we are on the same machine to support the introduction of high technology growth is a solid technology base, “and said vice president Wang Demao. , Told reporters that China has never participated in the International Printing Technology Exhibition to see the exhibitors, exhibitors are mainly domestic firms, followed by a large number of foreign renowned manufacturers and foreign exhibitors, at least in the small print. Some of the problems that can be seen here. He said: “Our local printing company to deal only with foreign manufacturers can not, in principle, to solve the technical problem, because these manufacturers do not necessarily have all the research and development, there may be some other companies.”

Wang Demao in the printing industry to study abroad, and much interaction with foreign exchange trading and found that some SMEs, the technology does not stand alone, but the use of large sets of machinery and equipment . Some manufacturers abroad to specialize in paper machine, drum machines, dryers and other equipment for production. We see all the products of large printing equipment manufacturers, which often vary from small appliances, combined with the results. Direct the establishment of foreign enterprises in China and India, and advanced equipment, trade relations after the middle of these sections can not understand the basics of technology.

Make Your Business “by foreign territory, it is necessary to in-depth understanding of foreign industry, to foreign technology.

Foreign cooperation with major domestic companies abroad

Since some of the overseas Chinese technology media companies are also necessary. Although China’s automobile industry, car plant there is not much is your thing, car parts from other countries, our company mainly  processing and assembly.

Many of the large foreign manufacturers of printing machinery and equipment, and our car factory, despite its unique technology, and many parts of the core technology provider specializing in technology, the device is extremely complex and in-depth post-technology age, the specific coordination of two high-tech equipment, technical capacity can strengthen its strong point. Contrast, our device business model is still time in the lab.

Consequently, the technical side, our factory can not focus on large industries, but should think about your questions, find weak spots, directly related to research and development in national and international connections manufacturers work together to improve the level of technological orientation.

Demao Wang said humorously: “I feel small and medium enterprises are also some  foreign” land, “I do not know the situation outside, uninformed.” By foreign small and medium enterprises to come to China do not have that number of machines sold the equipment, but also to present their technology to Chinese enterprises to understand the communication, or direct production in China, and reduce production costs in China and outside China, is a promising development.

However, if the foreign country in the eyes of these media can not let go, but only in the factory premises, can only be the result of producers to earn more profits, lost opportunity, as small and medium-sized technology-based producers to foreign direct investment by Chinese companies will benefit most.

foreign trade, agrees, but more difficult to meet the specific needs of long-term process.