One of the secret tools that any online business has in their arsenal is the webinar. It isn’t even a new tool either. It has just gained popularity in recent years with the amount of internet marketers out there looking to share information they have, and hopefully drum up a few sales. As you are reading this article it is pretty safe to assume that at the moment you don’t know what a webinar is, let alone how it can help your online business. So we are going to take a little look at these two now.

What is a Webinar?

As long as people have been sharing information, there has been a seminar of some sort. However, with online businesses, your potential customers are spread around the world. Therefore you simply cannot ask that they come to your location. Thus the idea of the webinar was born. As you can probably guess, this is a combination of seminar and web. Basically it means you will be conferencing with people using the power of the internet. It works in pretty much the same way as a seminar, just done online.

How can a Webinar benefit an online business?

So now you have a brief outline about what a webinar is, it is time to consider how this can benefit your online business. Let’s take a little look shall we?

As you can probably guess, the major reason why webinars are useful is because it enables you to connect with a number of customers without all the associated travel expenses. As an online business, your customers will no doubt be located all over the world, and a webinar is the only way in which you are going to be able to connect with them properly.

Webinars are also great ‘time savers’ for a company. In the past they would have to communicate with people on an individual basis online. Nowadays they can have a multitude of people attending their webinars, which cuts down on the amount of time dealing with individual customers (although does not cut down on the personal nature of everything, something which you need to retain if you want to be successful in business)

Webinars are incredibly personal experiences, despite being online. You get a real sense of the intellect and personality of a person when they are speaking out loud, something which never can truly come across in their blog posts or other means in which they communicate with their potential customers. When a company articulates their ideas well in a webinar, they will be able to build up their ‘brand image’. It really does show how much in touch a business is with their customers.

Finally, webinars are great for upselling products. Let’s be honest, no matter how somebody tries to dress up a webinar, their ultimate goal is to extract money from you. It is incredibly easy through a webinar as you have people hanging onto your every word. There is a reason why people constantly run webinars, and this is it. They are a great money source, and thus if you want an online business that is a success, you need a webinar.