New version of Android operating system is here for smartphones and tablets. New version called Ice Cream Sandwich is current in version 4.0. We bring you main features review of new Android OS. New OS is completely adapted for both mobile phones and tablet PCs. Whole interface of Android is changed and redesigned, animations are faster and most used items are highlighted. One of the best features of new Android OS is face recognition technology which allows you to unlock phone or tablet by using front camera. Also, you will be able to view notifications and turn on camera and take photos without unlocking your phone. Multitasking is also improved and faster, and managing/opening most used applications is also faster and you can access it in notifications area under most used apps. At smartphones notification area will be on the top like in previous versions of Android, but on tablets notification area is in the system area. First screen is also redesigned, now it is possible to group applications into folders and uninstall application by holding it and tap uninstall in menu. There are also some improvements on widgets, you can easily set dimensions of widgets and reduce its size. Spell-checking and text input are also improved (text input is now more accurate and word correction/suggestion is more improved). Photo gallery is looks good, but we liked old design of gallery because new one is simplier but of course, much faster. Surfing on internet will now be more faster and easier thanks to new Android browsers, which gets the most improvements. Google also introduced Android SDK for android developers. We think that new Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4 is beautiful, simple, beyond smart and will be easy to use with all new technologies in it. First device that will use Android 4 ICS OS will be Samsung Galaxy Nexus. For more informations about new Android 4 OS and improvements visit official Android site.