More and more potential buyers of mobile phones asks which one brand of smartphones to choose and which one will choose: 3G or 4G Phone? If you’re one of those who are reluctant, in this article, we’ll do a comparison of 3G / 4G phones and try to help you in your decision. 3G phones are cheaper, have longer battery life and there is an larger selection of phones. 4G phones are minority in smartphone market and are too expensive, battery life is a lot shorter than on 3g mobile phones, but 4G phones have much faster connectivity wi-fi speed which means you will do your tasks on internet faster, but you will need to charge your phone at least once a day or maybe 2 times.

If you are looking for a smartphone for playing games, downloading applications and occasional gaming and listening to music or watching videos on youtube, our recommendation is to buy a 3G phone. If you are a business user, or simply need higher speed connectivity on your phone for the heavy uploading or downloading applications, large files or sending them through your phone your choice is definitely the 4G phone. Of course, if you are planning to buy 4G phone make sure that  there is a provider of 4G in your immediate vicinity and check what is the speed of downloading and uploading on the places where you will frequently use your phone.

If you decide to purchase 4G phone, choose one with a stronger battery (3.000 mAh and higher) such as the Motorola RAZR Maxx DROID or Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G. Also, look at this numbers from one research: in a scale of 10, 4G  phones were ranked at 6.2 in satisfaction, while 3G phones were higher at 6.8. If you opt for a 4G phone, see 4G phones Reviews on our site and pick one that best suits to you.