Windows 8 - full list of features preview

Windows 8

About Windows 8 we know so many and yet too little. Until we have it installed on their computers to test it and discover the good and bad sides, lists of features that define it and video presentations does not mean a big deal. Latest information disclosed pointing to a Windows 8 with support Kinect for the user to interact with remote gestures and voice commands.

For this purpose, the following three elements extracted from a generous sequence features are relevant:
In Control Of Your PC
Human Interaction Platform
User-Centered Experience

List of Windows 8 features also includes:

App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
The App Store
Applications and Media Experience
App Experience
Core Experience Evolved
Device Connectivity
Devices & Networking Experience
Ecosystem Fundamentals
Desktop Engineer
Engineering System
Enterprise Networking
Global Experience
Graphics Platform
Hardware Developer Experience
Human Interaction Platform
In Control of Your PC
Kernel Platform
Licensing and Deployment
Media Platform
Networking Core
Presentation and Composition
Reliability, Security, and Privacy
Runtime Experience
Search, View, and Command
Security & Identity
Storage & Files Systems
Sustained Engineering
User-Centered Experience
Windows Online
Windows Update
Wireless and Networking services