October looks to be a massive month for Microsoft. Firstly they have their October 26th Launch of Windows 8 and the debut of the Surface RT. However, if latest reports are to be believed, three days later we can also look forward to a Windows 8 Phone.

At the time of writing, Microsoft have refused to comment on these rumours. This isn’t a denial that something is in the works. We don’t know too much about the phone at this point, but there certainly is enough information to comment on.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Windows Phone has appeared on the market. It already made an appearance before, although the  success wasn’t too great. However, Microsoft seem to have everything going for them now. In August alone the prospects for the Windows 8 phone were boosted by Apple’s victory over Samsung, followed by the launch of the Samsung Windows 8 Smartphone in Berlin, and Verizon Wireless’ plans to sell a Nokia phone running the operating system.

To add further fuel to the fire, Nokia recently put out a promotional video that simply said ‘Things are About to Change’. What they will change to will hopefully be apparent soon. The word on the steet is that they will be announcing the Windows Phone 8-Based Lumia 820 and 920 Smartphones. These two devices are going to have a 4.5 inch screen and charge wirelessly. They will also boast Nokia’s PureView video camera system.

AT&T is rumored to be the main carrier for the new Nokia Handsets. Sprint however backed the Windows 8 Phone early on in August, a remarkable development considering its HTC Arrive in January 2011 wasn’t launched to the most rapturous of applause. Could we be seeing an update to this model?

So what about the Windows 8 Phone? Well, handsets will follow the October 29th launch of Windows 8. This means that they will be dropping at some point in November. Whilst October is set to be incredibly busy for Microsoft, they also have their Build 2012 conference in Redmond on October 30th. Expect a lot of information from engineers on all things Windows 8, including the operating system, the Windows Phone 8, Azure and a lot of other things.

Shortly after the Apple Samsung Verdict, a tweet from Bill Cox, director for the Windows Phone released a tweet which said “Windows Phone is looking goooood right now”. He may have a point, although we will have to sit back and wait to find out just how good the phone is going to be.