Windows 8 provides native support for USB 3.0Microsoft makes final preparations for the event BUILD conference scheduled to take place in mid September and dedicated much of Windows 8.

As is normal, the next version of Windows has more interest to the public, maintained by Microsoft by revealing new details about Windows 8.

One of these little secret is to implement native support for USB 3.0 devices with the Windows platform 8, a measure that ensures full compatibility and optimal performance for future generations of USB devices.

Currently, USB 3.0 connectivity is still in its early stages, such ports are present only in a limited configuration desktop motherboard and notebook systems placed in the upper price range. However, according to estimates by Microsoft in 2015 all PCs in November will have USB 3.0 ports.

To achieve its purpose, Microsoft has created virtually from scratch software libraries to ensure compatibility of USB 3.0 in Windows 8, but left untouched the components necessary for the proper functioning of the USB 2.0 devices.