Windows 8 provides support for calls to mobile phone

Windows 8

Tablets with Windows 8 will be able to access the Internet via 3G connection and even initiate calls to mobile telephone network, using SIM card attached.

If you already imagine how ridiculous it would show someone taking a tablet ear 7-inch screen or larger, must know that the audio calls will be carried out using the microphone and speaker integrated sound, similar to the way Speaker offered by most mobile phones. Unfortunately even help us not become the subject of jokes for others, this way of conducting talks is of no use to preserve privacy of conversation, so it is better to appeal to a headset.

The first clues about the presence of support calls have occurred in the Microsoft presentation images BUILD Conference 2011, where among other applications we have seen a demonstration missed calls section detailing recent missed calls.

Another clue came from the very first tablet Samsung created for the Windows platform 8, which besides offering 3G and facilities for voice calls.