Windows Phone 7 5 / Mango reviewIt speaks very much for this update of Windows Phone 7 platform from Microsoft. Last month received and an official name-Windows Phone 7.5 in addition to the Mango with which was spoilt, with appropriate quotation marks, tech blogs from. com. towards the end of May 2011 should be as much of those who use phones with WP7 to install the new version of software. A series of specials that apparently will be incorporated into WP 7.5 you below:

1. Battery Management

Will be integrated and multi-tasking which will lead to a faster consumption of energy stored in the battery. That will be implemented better management and in the zone settings will be able to configure the amount of features that will help the user to obtain a greater autonomy or top performances;

2. Wi-Fi hotspot

Talk of a classical on the Android Terminal used. Is useful when you want to provide access to other deviceuri wi-fi, but great care if you rely on the hundreds of mb offered by mobile telephone companies.

3. Messaging

Facebook chat will be available to be used alongside the suite and Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger. People Hub you will look at which of these online services are connected and when you send an sms message will appear a window pop up that asks which of them really want to use them to communicate or transmit the message to the person concerned.

4. Office Hub

Microsoft should benefit from the experience gained with the Office and it seems that editing will be available online from the mobile browser, IE9. Google’s in this area on the Docs and it would be logical that american rival to start with via SkyDrive.

5. Games Hub

Games in Xbox 360 will be optimized for better communication with Windows Phone 7 platform so that the user experience offered to be in. We’ll see soon what will be about.

7. People Hub

A feature that had been integrated on older Windows Mobile 6 x allows you to send a mail or message to a group and all from a single motion.