There are still no official informations about releasing date of new Windows phone operating system in version 8, but there are some indications that confirm that WP 8 update will not be available for WP 7 devices in this year. Microsoft will probably release it in 2013. and probably will show new OS on the Mobile World Congress next year. First update of WP 8 will be named “Tango”. WP 8 will certainly have support for multiple languages, will be more optimized than WP 7 and probably will need lower hardware requirements, and with that, all phones that are currently  running on WP 7 will get update to new OS.

In this year, Microsoft will release beta version of Microsoft Windows 8 for notebooks, desktop computers and tablets. Users will be able to chose between standard user interface and Metro interface for Tablets and computers with poorly hardware and performances. On February 29. this year, in Barcelona, Microsoft will show first version of its beta called Windows 8 Consumer Preview (built 8220).