Windows Phone 8 - Windows Phone Tango discovered

Windows Phone 8 - Windows Phone Tango

It seems that Windows Phone Tango, a step on the Windows Phone 7, an evolution of the mobile operating system released by Microsoft with a year ago. Now that the WP7 Mango has been completed and was expecting the first terminals with this OS on board to be in stores next month, we start to find details about Tango.

One of the members of the site WPCentral has posted the image you see to the left, apparently a screenshot of the Windows Phone Tango. The function presented here is the search of the contents, so that the terminal will show both results on the phone, and on the web (including Facebook). Search by voice is also turned on, and searches may be carried out and on Twitter and LinkedIn, although we cannot confirm the 100% yet.

The version of OS which has seen a user WPCentral is one intermediate, located somewhere between Windows Phone and Windows Phone 7 Mango 8 and Apollo. Tango is like being a series of minor improvements that will prepare the terminal update WP8.